Our children are of paramount importance. All children here at Redhills Kindergarten are treated with respect, equally and without prejudice.

We as teachers are committed to honouring the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi through our teaching practice, settings and beliefs. This sits alongside the early childhood curriculum, Te Whāriki which guides us in our teaching. Every childs individual needs will be catered for giving them the opportunity to learn in a safe, caring, stimulating and creative environment. Everyone who comes into our kindergarten will be welcomed.

Read our full philosophy here.



We have a lot of exciting programmes to offer your child here at kindy. Our kindy children learn through exploration, fun, play and interactions with their peers.

All children are given the opportunity to participate in all of our curriculum areas, these include music, science, books, literacy, dramatic play, physical activities, technology activities, and pre reading and writing.

We have a separate room which is used for our transition to school children. The transition to school room encourages the children to become familiar with routines and structured learning by participating in activities as structured by the teachers. Children are encouraged to participate in group discussion, appropriate classroom behaviour such as turn taking and to develop listening skills while being respectful to others.

Literacy skills are extended through the use of a fun initiative called ‘the homework bucket’. This is based around letterlinks.


healthy heart award

We are very proud to have achieved the highest award Pā-Harakeke award – Flourishing.

We have achieved this through implementing a healthy lunch box policy and a water only policy as well as developing edible gardens in our kindy and promoting healthy living through physical activity and healthy nutrition.

We are pro-active in implementing these in our daily programme.



Each child attending Redhills Community Kindergarten will have a portfolio made up of learning stories, art work, photo’s and other relevant observations and stories of their time here at kindy. There is a lot of work put into these portfolio’s, they represent a journey of your child’s time with us.


Children’s artwork can be seen displayed throughout the kindy. All completed artwork is sent home. The children are able to be expressive and creative through their art.



Here at Redhills Community Kindergarten we endeavour to keep up with the changing needs of our local communities by providing a quality education at an affordable price.

Our parents are always kept well up to date. Here at Redhills Community Kindergarten we have an open door policy, parents/whanau are welcome to spend time at the kindy. We encourage parent helpers to join us on excursions and to spend time here at the kindy joining in with your child and their friends.

The benefits of your participation in our kindy helps to boost your child’s self esteem and spending time at kindy gives you an insight into what occurs during your child’s time at kindy.

We have a community notice board to keep you up to date with community projects and activities. We also have a notice board for Kindy newsletters and an agenda of special events that are proposed for your child each term.



Our staff are a very dedicated team of teachers and our staff turnover is minimal.

Our staff are fully trained holding either a Diploma or Bachelor or Early Childhood Education. Each teacher is also teacher registered with the New Zealand Teachers Council as per legislation.

All staff undertake regular professional development courses keeping them up to date with relevant changes in the early childhood sector.

Our administrator also undertakes professional development to ensure that her skills are relevant and up to date to provide the best possible customer service to all of our kindergarten acquaintances.



Here you can download a copy of all of our policies.

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